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Rescue, Marketing, & Animal Advocacy Coalition

Uniting Efforts

Animal advocates and rescues unite for change! We need to end the euthanasia of healthy adoptable animals and hold poorly run shelters accountable once and for all. Shelters are overwhelmed and underfunded but the issues go beyond this such as poor management and lack of concern and follow-up. Also, lack of proactive measures that cause more animals to lose their lives.

Centralized Communications

Let's get connected so we can take action and help each other out! Better communication means more lives are saved. This can be for transport, donations, local and state policy changes, and more.

Collect Data. Take Action.

There needs to be accountability. We are all sick and tired of poorly run shelters and animal abusers walking free. Some local and state government and boards are not doing their job. Let's make some noise and let them know we are watching and taking action. We are sensitive to shelters that are trying but we all know who the poorly run shelters are.

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If you join our list we will send you a survey and start building out resources. Please keep an eye out. If you had a serious issue with a shelter and want us to document it click the box below.

Click here to submit a form if you believe a shelter was in violation or caused the unnecessary death of an animal (or other issues). >

California News & Resources

Shelter Marketing Tool-Kit Library

California for All Animals - Shelters, Rescues, and Volunteers can join in on zooms. Plus grants for shelters!


March 13th OC Register Article on AB332 @socialcompassion

The Animal Shelter Data Collection Act Introduced by Assemblymember Alex Lee Sponsored by Social Compassion in Legislation

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Spay & Neuter Funds Available: California Pet Lover's License Plate hit the road in 2013 and was created by @judiemancuso, Dr. Gary MIchelson, and Linda Starr among others. Applications for funding Due in December- Keep an eye out for 2023!


Coming Soon...

*Rescue Directory, Spay/Neuter Resources, Feral Cat Trapping, Coming Soon among other things!

*Eventually, we will build out an area for each state. Each state will have coalition representatives to manage the resources and information. It is going to be a lot!

*Marketing is a HUGE missing link in moving animals and education. We plan to fix this! Our goal is paid digital media blitzes and billboards.